A Simple Christmas – Love

When we give gifts at Christmas, it’s an attempt to show someone that we care about them. We attempt to give some sort of physical expression in something that we hope they will love and enjoy. So, at best, our gift giving is a display of love. But, of course, there’s a darker side to … Read more

A Simple Christmas – Joy

Would you say that our world is joyful? We’d like it to be joyful, wouldn’t we? Especially at Christmas.  Do you ever try to talk yourself into joy?  Do you ever find yourself trying to manufacture or evoke joy from others?  The truth is that anyone can be joyful for a moment, when everything is … Read more

A Simple Christmas – Peace

Most everyone is seeking peace especially during the Christmas season. However, if we are honest with ourselves we might have to admit that we experience a lot more stress than peace. The gospel of Luke chapter 2 is the most well known and most well used Scripture verses of all time as it pertains to … Read more

A Simple Christmas: Hope

Today we’re talking about HOPE. Hope is always related to something future that has not yet unfolded. You can’t hope for something that has already materialized or that you can hold in your hand. Then you wouldn’t be hoping, you’d be observing. In order to have hope, you have to hope for something that you … Read more