Reflecting God’s Heart: Jesus Christ

One of the greatest aspects of Jesus Christ reflecting the heart of God is this concept/this way of life called forgiveness.  Jesus forgave extravagantly.  And because we have been forgiven by Him, we are called to forgive. Christ will use the offense, the tragedy, the abuse we experience from others…..for a greater purpose.  Jesus didn’t … Read more Reflecting God’s Heart: Jesus Christ

Reflecting God’s Heart: David

David was the focus of our second message on reflecting God’s heart.  Many people think of David as a shepherd, a victorious warrior and a king.  But David’s journey through life was full of wounding events and one particular persecutor who hounded him for many years.  When we examine many of David’s relationships we see … Read more Reflecting God’s Heart: David

Reflecting God’s Heart: Moses

We are starting a new sermon series called “Reflecting The Heart of GOD”.  We can learn so much about the heart of God by examining the characters and personalities in the Bible.  Moses, David, Paul, and JESUS CHRIST were the four most prominent leaders in all of Scripture.  We can learn everything by studying these … Read more Reflecting God’s Heart: Moses