Christian Kids Club Info Meeting

Austin & Brittanie Shearer are looking at the possibility of New Hope becoming a charter location for American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA Boys Clubs. These clubs provide a great opportunity for adults to be able to disciple youth in Christian principles and ideal, while having fun learning together. If you have interest in … Read more

Others First (Brotherly Kindness)

We are continuing our “Growing Faith” sermon series by examining 2nd Peter 1:4-8.  The trait we will focus on for this message is the important concept of “brotherly kindness.”  True brotherly kindness always defers to and gives honor to others.  We can express this in many ways such as spending time and assisting others by … Read more

Thankful Doesn’t Take a Day Off

How important is thanksgiving or gratitude?  Even secular psychologists can prove incredible benefits of practicing thankfulness.  It benefits our relationships, physical health, psychological health, sleep, self-esteem, mental strength and it enhances our empathy while reducing aggression.  Those are great benefits which may cause us to say I should practice gratitude, but for the prophet Daniel … Read more

Heal Our Land – Community Worship

Saturday, October 23rd at 7pm at New Hope Fellowship. Find the event on Facebook here. With everything going on in the world today, we need to come together to pray, worship and be the church body. We have several different people from area churches helping put on this concert night. Please put this date on … Read more