Restored Thanksgiving

We know from Scripture that when Nehemiah was challenged with overwhelming situations regarding the reconstruction of the wall, he did not panic, run, or quit.  Instead, he prayed hard and we also see that he worked hard on what God was empowering him to do.  Not only Nehemiah, but we see all the Israelites became … Read more

A Foundation of Thanksgiving

Have you ever had a friend that you really liked, but you lost connection?  That can happen in a variety of ways.  It could be a falling out where feelings are hurt, and decisions are made to end a relationship.  It can be a misunderstanding.  It could just be things changed, like job, a move, … Read more

Thankful Doesn’t Take a Day Off

How important is thanksgiving or gratitude?  Even secular psychologists can prove incredible benefits of practicing thankfulness.  It benefits our relationships, physical health, psychological health, sleep, self-esteem, mental strength and it enhances our empathy while reducing aggression.  Those are great benefits which may cause us to say I should practice gratitude, but for the prophet Daniel … Read more