The Promised Return

Jesus is coming again. We have hope because He has promised to return and I’m sure that when the disciples started thinking back to all the things that they had heard Jesus say, they were still afraid of what the immediate future might hold, but all along Jesus had been planting seeds of hope regarding … Read more

Judas: You Never Would Have Guessed

Group Discussion Guide OPENING QUESTION: How do you feel about people who pretend to be one thing, but are something else?  INTRO: “Every time Judas is mentioned in Scripture, we also find a notation about his being a traitor. He is the most colossal failure in all of human history. He committed the most horrible, … Read more

Thomas: My Lord & My God

THOMAS BIBLE STUDY:  “MY LORD AND MY GOD” He is usually nicknamed “Doubting Thomas,” but that may not be the most fitting label for him.  It’s probably fair to say that Scripture paints Thomas as a worrier and full of anxiety at times.  However, in the end there is a beauty and power to this … Read more

Nathanael: The Truth Seeker

SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION GUIDE: In seeking truth there are people who base truth primarily on: Personal Experience Popular Opinion Expert Guidance Upbringing or Tradition How have you seen these things be helpful or harmful?  INTRO: As we’ve studied through the 12 disciples it seems evident that the Holy Spirit was already at work in their … Read more

Matthew: Never Too Far Gone

In all likelihood, none of the twelve disciples was more notorious a sinner than Matthew.  But, Matthew dropped everything immediately when He met Jesus and embraced the outcasts of his world and introduced them to Christ.  He stands as a vivid reminder that the Lord chooses the most despicable people of this world, redeems them, … Read more

Philip: It Can’t Be Done

Group Discussion Guide Philip: It Can’t Be Done The Life of a Disciple – Part 5 OPENING QUESTION: Have you ever felt like people where asking too much from you, and how do you handle a situation like that? INTRO: The disciple Philip is first introduced in John chapter 1, where Jesus intentionally seeks him … Read more

John: Becoming Balanced

The Disciple John: “Becoming Balanced” A person out of balance is unsteady.  It is a very dangerous thing to push any point of truth or any character quality to an unhealthy extreme.  This is what we see in the life of the younger disciple John.  In his early years he was the most unlikely candidate … Read more

James: Son of Thunder

Brothers James and John are nicknamed “Sons of Thunder” by Jesus.  Both of them seem to be very black and white in how they see things.  Based on that, James was probably cheering when Jesus cleansed the temple, when Jesus rebuked the religious leaders, when demonic powers were cast out and defeated, or when the … Read more