Walk Wise (Wisdom for Living 2)

As we look at Proverbs chapter 4 today, I can’t help but think of the famous book by John Bunyan: “PILGRIMS PROGRESS.” As many of you know, it is an allegory that tells the story of a character named Christian on a journey of discovery and freedom. But that doesn’t mean it is easy or … Read more

Wise Warnings (Wisdom for Living 1)

Good advice isn’t always the advice we’re looking for because it isn’t typically easy, cheap or convenient. The advice we get a lot of in the book of Proverbs isn’t always what we’re looking for, but it’s good. This book of wisdom is written by the wisest man to ever live, Solomon. As a young … Read more

Finding Hope: Hope An Anchor for the Soul

I think that a lot of us can relate to severe storms in life.  Maybe you’ve even experienced the kind of storms where you either forget to eat, or you’re so distraught that you can’t stomach food.  I’ve had a few of those situations in my life.  It’s easy to lose hope when everything seems … Read more

Finding Hope: Hope that Protects

In this week’s sermon message, we look at 1st Thessalonians 5:1-11 which goes into great detail regarding Christ’s second coming. The apostle Paul addresses what we should be doing and what we should not be doing while we wait on the Lord Jesus to return. As Christians, our hope for this life and eternity, comes … Read more

Finding Hope: Hope When We’re Hurting

This is the second message in our new series on Finding Hope. In Romans 8 Paul lays out some important truths for us that can help us endure. 1) Suffering is temporary, 2) Suffering will be replaced by glory, & 3) Suffering is universal. All of creation is groaning under the effects of sin, but … Read more

Finding Hope – A Hope That Does Not Disappoint

Have you ever been very hopeful and then very disappointed?  It can be amazing how quickly things can turn upside down.  Additionally we’ve all had many disappointments that can almost make it scary to be hopeful.  Yet scripture tells us that there is a hope that doesn’t disappoint.  To dig into that more we’re studying … Read more

Hearing God

Have you ever had someone come ask you for advice, but they spend so much time explaining the problem and vomiting all of their emotions about it, that by the time they’re all done, you haven’t had a chance to say much? Sometimes, they’re already off to the next thing? Maybe you’re even having to … Read more

Trusting a God Who Keeps His Promises (Joseph)

What will your legacy be? It’s an important question for each of us to consider. We probably pass down a lot more than we realize because we’re modeling behaviors and attitudes all the time. In this final message on Joseph we see the passing of his father Jacob and then also his own passing. What’s … Read more

Trusting God to Be Set Apart (Joseph)

Being set apart is not optional as a Christian. We don’t get to check the box if we want to be set apart or not. If we are Christians, we are called to be different. When we live with God’s eternal values in our heart and mind, it completely changes our daily focus…..at work, school, … Read more

Trusting God with Forgiveness (Joseph)

It is very difficult to be fruitful, when a good deal of your headspace and energy are consumed with revenge. Somehow, despite all that he’s been through and all of the grudges he could have easily nursed, Joseph has arrived at a place where he trusts God enough to forgive. Today we’re going to look … Read more