Psalms: God is Worthy of Praise

On Sunday we tackled Psalm 113, which is a Psalm of praise to God who is worthy of our praise.  When we find ourselves in what might appear to be a hopeless situation it can be overwhelming.  The circumstances surrounding this Psalm or song, were certainly hopeless.  The Israelite people had been enslaved and oppressed … Read more

Psalms: God is Satisfying for the Soul

In the 63rd Psalm we see King David, weary and empty.  His son Absalom has decided to attempt to overthrow his father and as a result David has taken his household and those closest to him into the Judean wilderness to hide.  Facing betrayal, threats, being displaced from the palace, and not having access to the … Read more

Psalms: God is Our Refuge and Strength

More than likely, Psalm 46 takes us back to the days of Hezekiah, the king of Judah.  The Assyrian army led by the evil king Sennacherib was ready to come against Judah to destroy them.  In 2nd Kings 18, we find Sennacherib trying to intimidate Hezekiah and the people with filthy lies about God.  However, … Read more

The Persecuted Church Abroad

There is no denying the fact that Christians around the world are facing incredible persecution for their faith, especially in communist and Islamic countries.  If you doubt that for a second, please check out the work being done by Voice of the Martyrs at So how do we who have so much more freedom respond … Read more

The Persecution of the Unborn

We just began our new 3 week sermon series on “Responding to Persecution.”  Sunday’s message focused on the sanctity of human life for the unborn and how we need to be ready for opposition and persecution on this.   At its core, abortion is not a political issue or argument.  It’s a heart and soul issue.  … Read more