A Simple Christmas – Peace

Most everyone is seeking peace especially during the Christmas season. However, if we are honest with ourselves we might have to admit that we experience a lot more stress than peace. The gospel of Luke chapter 2 is the most well known and most well used Scripture verses of all time as it pertains to … Read more

The Power of Empathy – Part 2

Empathy is often confused with sympathy but the two are different.  To be sympathetic is to feel sorry for the other person.  It is to look at someone else’s pain and situation and say or think, “That stink’s!”  And then, after we say that to them we just move on with our life because it does … Read more

The Test of Time (Philadelphia)

Everything in the atmosphere eventually wears down and comes to an end.  Time closes everything and time shuts it down.  Everything that is, except for Christ!  Jesus Christ and His truth is timeless and what He puts into motion will stand the test of time.  In fact, anything that Christ redeems is eternal.  Just as … Read more

Jezebel or JESUS (Thyatira)

The city of Thyatira in Revelation 2:18-29, was the smallest of the seven cities mentioned in the letter to the churches.  Yet, it is to this little known church in a little known city that Christ addresses His longest letter.  Christ commends this church for their good works, love, and perseverance.  However, in the midst … Read more

Rich Suffering (Smyrna)

One of the ways we may sometimes lose our zeal for the Lord is in our failure to see how rich we really are in Christ.  Regardless of what the bank account says, every single Christian is rich in the Lord Jesus Christ.  This week’s sermon comes from one of the seven letters written to … Read more

Unity is Everything

Disagreements, divisions, and lack of involvement in our life as a nation definitely has consequences as we are seeing every day as we read and watch the news.  But, within the church, the consequences can have even more serious eternal implications when we do not have unity.  The apostle Paul clearly defines the requirements for genuine unity in … Read more

Living in Anticipation

Most people think of heaven as boring non-existence. If that was true we would have nothing to look forward to, and we would be very unmotivated to tell anyone else about it. Scripture actually has a wonderful picture to paint about the life after this one…and we need to know.

Thomas: My Lord & My God

THOMAS BIBLE STUDY:  “MY LORD AND MY GOD” He is usually nicknamed “Doubting Thomas,” but that may not be the most fitting label for him.  It’s probably fair to say that Scripture paints Thomas as a worrier and full of anxiety at times.  However, in the end there is a beauty and power to this … Read more

Matthew: Never Too Far Gone

In all likelihood, none of the twelve disciples was more notorious a sinner than Matthew.  But, Matthew dropped everything immediately when He met Jesus and embraced the outcasts of his world and introduced them to Christ.  He stands as a vivid reminder that the Lord chooses the most despicable people of this world, redeems them, … Read more