Blind Spots (Laodicea)

Laodicea was a well-fortified city and it was built in a strategic location to be a support to trade routes and to benefit from them.  As a result it was exceedingly wealthy.  In fact, it was such a wealthy town that 30 years before this letter was written they had experienced a devastating earthquake and … Read more

The Test of Time (Philadelphia)

Everything in the atmosphere eventually wears down and comes to an end.  Time closes everything and time shuts it down.  Everything that is, except for Christ!  Jesus Christ and His truth is timeless and what He puts into motion will stand the test of time.  In fact, anything that Christ redeems is eternal.  Just as … Read more

The Church of the Living Dead (Sardis)

From the Church in Sardis we see two truths about reputation: 1.  It is possible for people’s perception to be inaccurate. 2.  It is also possible for us to be more concerned with our reputation than our reality.  The church at Sardis may look alive (reputation), but they are spiritually dead (reality).  People may be … Read more

Jezebel or JESUS (Thyatira)

The city of Thyatira in Revelation 2:18-29, was the smallest of the seven cities mentioned in the letter to the churches.  Yet, it is to this little known church in a little known city that Christ addresses His longest letter.  Christ commends this church for their good works, love, and perseverance.  However, in the midst … Read more

Church in Satan’s Backyard (Pergamum)

I think that most of our issues in life start with feeling vulnerable, afraid or out of control and trying to reassert our will. Maybe you didn’t know it, but that is the foundation of every addiction or unhealthy coping behavior. From cocaine, to food, to obsessive cleaning or even workaholism, we’re constantly trying to … Read more

Rich Suffering (Smyrna)

One of the ways we may sometimes lose our zeal for the Lord is in our failure to see how rich we really are in Christ.  Regardless of what the bank account says, every single Christian is rich in the Lord Jesus Christ.  This week’s sermon comes from one of the seven letters written to … Read more

Going Through The Motions (Ephesus)

At first glance you might think that the church in Ephesus was really solid. They constantly do the right thing, they serve each other, they are faithful to Christ no matter how bad it gets, and they stand for truth in a sick culture. These are not pew fillers! We need more churches like this, … Read more